Skaa - Just Because Lyrics

It all changed shit was never the same
Young picasso the way I’m painting these raps in a frame
Handling the stress well but the pressure remains
To keep it going leave the fans entertained
And bag the baddest of dames
At the roof-top staring at the city lights
Sipping sprite, thinking bout this shit how I’m gon get it right
But I ain’t tripping though feeling hella confident
Remember back when I was young made a covenant
To myself and it’s something that I never plan to break
No vacations I just grind never plan a break
She ask me what I think tell her that the head is great
I love the rush and it’s something that I can’t explain
Best believe I got this shit on lock
You’ll prolly never get to see the day the kid gon flop
Bodied every track that I dropped, the hits don’t stop
This shit gon pop
These rappers getting slit on spot… Skaa

Just Because Lyrics

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