Skaa - Old Habits Lyrics

Its been hard to drop my old habits
Like something missing when you don’t have it
We still mingle with the low status
Even when we get the dough lavish
Coming from the same position
Know I can really paint a picture
Of what its like cos I done walked in the same shoes
Crazy I was broke but so often I paid dues I
Always known that I just need to get it right once..
Until the time comes
Never ponder let bygones be bygones
Why would I rather dwell in the past
Than focus on a skill that I could sell for the cash
My old ways I’m getting lesser attached to it
But still falling victim when the pressure attacks
How could you say I’m not prepared for the test
When I could ace a verse without needing a pen and a pad
I’m here to lessen the trash cos
We truly need a balance for real
And a maybe I can get me a couple of mansions on hills
You know the passion is real
And the vision never changed we still aiming for the same goal
Need that real shit in vivid pictures Imma paint those
Gotta stay froze
How the game go
Throw a couple beats and Imma slay those
Never hesitate
Tryna get some better pay
So Imma go straight to where the cheddar stay
And imma crash the gate
Tryna castigate a young spitter
I peep the comments on Instagram, on YouTube and whenever I’m on Twitter
Listen to born sinner…and then its FHD
For inspiration I study em like an SAT
I’m bout to put us on the MAP
The dream’s free but how to hustle in the game ain’t free
One step at a time
Came a long way from when I first
Had the passion to rhyme
My head in the skies
We in a real game you balling in a 7 aside
This whole thing’s been one hell of a ride

Old Habits Lyrics

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