slowthai - WOT Lyrics

Go-getter, gotta get it from the jump
Waved off rum, got skunk in my zoot
In a rave, drop a eccy with your mum
Young mum’s drunk, slowthai too cute
No effort and I do it nonchalant
Bendy Wendy, had doggy that down
And I make her bend back like croissants
She said, «Ooh la la,» ’cause she loves my smile
What’s up, my lad?
Used to get licks like pass me the pad
Then I hit licks now they can’t chat back
Fuck them kids, nah, you can’t say that
Man I just did like I can’t say wot?
Calm, I’m cool, I’m bless, I’m a don
Can’t give me lip, get hit with a box
Tracky in socks when I walk in the shop
Take tills and gwop

WOT Lyrics

TYRON (2021)

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