Teenage Bottlerocket - The Squirrel Lyrics

Well, I’ve been inside for so long
Just staring out my window at you
You’re always running around my backyard
Acting like you’ve got shit to do
And you’re driving my dogs crazy
I think they kinda wanna rip you to shreds
But I won’t let them get you
No one’s gonna fuck with my squirrel friend

You’re my friend

To me it seems so simple
You run around so free
Hunting around for acorns
Or climbing up a big-ass tree
But I’m sure you’ve got your problems
Things humans don’t understand
Like mockingbirds attacking
Or forgetting where you hid your stash

You’re my friend, little guy, you’re my dude

We’re not so different you and I
We’re both just trying to get by

You’re my friend, little guy, you’re my dude

The Squirrel Lyrics

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