The Black Sorrows - Holy Man Lyrics

I was fallin’ into the black
Goin’ under no turnin’ back
I prayed for someone to lift the curse
Show me the wonders of the universe
I kept on stumblin’ in the dark
Searchin’ for somethin’ clear and stark
Had so much guilt to confess
I was lost in the wilderness

Came upon a gypsy
He called out from his caravan
Give me those rings off your fingers
And I’ll take you to the holy man

We travelled slowly over the plains
Beneath the hot sun and winter rains
From town to town and place to place
I never saw a smile cross his face
We’d stop at twilight he’d make a fire
And play a mournful tune to my desire
I kept on askin’ how far we’d go
He said the stars above would let us know

I had to have an answer
He said I’ll tell you my plan
Give me all your gold and silver
And I’ll take you to the holy man

I wanna see the light
Feel it touch my soul
Need to catch the fever
And surrender control

I woke one morning the gypsy was gone
Then I remembered the words to his song
Like all creatures on land air and sea
We’re born naked wild and free
So keep the faith and follow your heart
The only secret is to play your part

When your time is up
Hope you’ve done the best you can
I lost everything I owned
To gain wisdom from the holy man

Holy Man Lyrics

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