The Black Sorrows - Saint Georges Road Lyrics

It was down Saint George’s Road
When I saw him for the last time
They were carryin’ his load
Brother it was a long climb
He stopped the traffic lights
And no-one said a word
People stood and stared
This was a rare and special bird
The clouds turned dark and grey
And the rain came pourin’ in
Just another Melbourne day
I caught his old sarcastic grin

Now we talk here in the kitchen
And agree to compromise
Every one of us a sinner
World-weary reckless and wise
So we raise a glass or three
To our true lost friend
Though nobody wants to face it
We’ll all meet up in the end

The years have rolled on by
We’re still playin’ the same tunes
There’s no more tears to cry
We’re lickin’ our new wounds
Like some broken-hearted fool
With too many lonely nights to fill
The hours slip through my hands
Until there’s nothing left to kill

So I sit here in this kitchen
Swear I’ll leave it all behind
Take the first boat out of town
And pray the winds are kind
I raise a glass or three
To my true lost friend
If it’s written in the stars
Then we’ll meet up in the end

Down Saint George’s Road

Saint Georges Road Lyrics

Saint Georges Road (2021)
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