The Cribs - Earl & Duke Lyrics

Earl and Duke are brothers
In everything but blood
Different thoughts and instincts
For the one that they both love

First time out together
Northwest flags unfurled
The chapel of the roses
The other side of the world

Watched him lay the flowers
Never said a word
Then Duke had to leave Earl
Fly away on a silver bird

Fighting on the TV
Male pride to defend
As he counts the precious sеconds
That he needs to be with them

And we have to kid ourselves
Cos you’re too precious to lose
Your spirit still in place
Even when the drugs aren’t much use
I’ll love you anyway
You are my boy and I’m your Duke

Buddy, can you hear me?
As we reach the end
Forever my best friend
But it’s time to be free again
Baby boy

Earl & Duke Lyrics

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