The Hold Steady - Riptown Lyrics

This kid’s a computer that’s been programmed to dream
He stumbled to start but regained his speed
He said my superpower is I say what I mean
He’s always in the red white and blue

The lens cap was lost so they stretched out the shoot
The second location that stuck to her shoes
She said do me a favor let me order for you
You should really try something different

Really funny running into you
I love these tiny little collisions
The kids on the corner aren’t here for their health
They’re just trying to uphold the traditions

Another Sunday night locked in the bathroom
Obsessing over minor abrasions
And some local legend let her pick up the check
Then he hit her with his whole presentation

Be careful of the second location

The directors distracted he’s losing his light
The actors are wrapped up in ropes for the night
Her sister went sideways her mother was right
These things tend to run in the family

Really funny running into you
I love these tiny little collisions
She knows that her mother ain’t right here to judge her
But she tries not to date other actors

A million tiny bugs at the breakdown
And a second time that felt like the first
The doctors kept saying trust the medication
But when it hit she thought it might be a curse

A couple quick visits to Riptown
Another kid with his thumb in his belt loop
He was pinned-back and aloof but he tried to tell the truth
He said I’d rather go with somebody new

Monday night locked in a hotel bathroom with your psyche dressed up for display
And she’s stranded at the moment with some hot glitchy robot
He’s giving her the whole play-by-play

Another sick smile from the spotlight
Another sketchy crucifixion tattoo
I know I probably covered some hard line thunder
All dressed up in the red white and blue

You gotta want to be rescued

Riptown Lyrics

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