The Hold Steady - Spices Lyrics

She sent a picture of a plethora of poker chips
Spread out on the bed between a mouth and a leg
She said «there’s pretty many people already but still I wish you were here»

Hadn’t really seen her since the previous winter
She’d been a drop dead number since later last December
But here she is rising again Happy Easter
You wanna go get some beers?

And all the bartеnders were strangling thеir shakers
It was springtime in the sweet part of the city
It’s nice to hit the taverns with familiar companions
I kind of like it when she’s laughing at me

So now we’re back in touch and we’re up to our old tricks
And she’s acting on a tip, we’re trying to find the right play
She said, «meet me on the corner by Central Smoke and Gift
I’ll be just before daybreak»

But she wants to make it clear
That she’s done with all that other stuff
Sick of all the drama club
Tired of all the talking drugs

She slept over on a Saturday night
And in the morning we watched the parade

All the majorettes had the sun in their eyes
And all the old cars looked fatigued
The cops in the kilts they had me nervous as hell
But if felt pretty cool when she kissed me

We’re at the table and she’s yelling out her order
Vanilla vodka in a diet Dr. Pepper
Something wrapped in a black wax paper
We’re gonna see where this goes

She’s pouring liquor into spun sugar
Something extra in a salt shaker
She only does this as an ice breaker
So go ahead with the show

She makes it really clear that she’s a way different person
Than the person that I knew in the past
But once she starts rolling it’s wild like the ocean
And the ocean is violent and vast

We’re in the weeds and we’re taking on water
We’ve been taking on whatever they offer
Trading stickers with some shipwrecked sailors
We’re going to see where this goes

We’re in the woods with the difficult decision
The majorettes not paying much attention
And if the band ever plays the Resurrection
It’s at the end of the show

Something extra in a salt shaker
Turning liquor into spun sugar
She said that we should try to do this every Easter
I said, «we’ll see how it goes, we still gotta see the end of the show»

Spices Lyrics

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