The Lemon Twigs - Born Wrong / Heart Song Lyrics

How was I so blind to think he was father?
Something in my mind I knew was different from others
Can I ever recover?

Somebody, somewhere, deserted me
Left to a world that perverted me
I’m something special, my mother would say
If she didn’t blame me for her dreams gone astray
If I wasn’t born wrong

I hear that music once again
Close, it holds me tight just like a friend
Scars inside my soul begin to mend
Maybe, at last, the pain will end

When I close my eyes I feel it start
Love comes from on high and fills my heart
Then I try to open and to share
The secrets I unlock up there

Take away the light, and give me the darkness
What was in my heart I knew, they knew
They would hate me
I just confuse and frustrate thee

Stupid, close-minded, the scum of the Earth
The children who made me so sick and perverse
I’ve made up my mind now to blow them away
I’ll clean up all the filth, I will make them all pay
There is no life now for Shane

Born Wrong / Heart Song Lyrics

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