The Lemon Twigs - Wonderin' Ways Lyrics

You can not see me
I will not see you
We spend our time apart
We live together
Bodies wherever
Within our lonely hearts

I’ll never fix you
Before I can rescue
Falling out of my gaze
But I can love you
What I think of you
Won’t change my wonderin’ ways

And you can make amends
With the ghost that lives
In your walls
And I will hold on close
To the feeling that
I will find you and untie you
From all who try to bind you

We’ll be together
Flowers forever
Love flowing out our eyes
But I’m just dreaming
All of my beaming
Nothing but shameful lies

And you can make amends
With your real boyfriends
And go back
And I will hold on to my tongue
Wishing I were young so that
I could tell you
Oh how I am compelled to

But I can’t take it
One day we’ll break this
Vow of my never more
You’ll hear a beating
Get up from reading
And find me waiting at the door

Wonderin' Ways Lyrics

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