The Movement Lyrics

feat. Stick Figure

We’re all in this together
It’s alright

Turn on your television
Get sucked into a world of corporate greed and get fuck
When idle hands empty
Ego run amok
So get up pass the buck
We ain’t got a ton of luck
We ain’t got a lot of time either
Calling out my people gotta pick up the receiver
We ask the government and no they won’t help neither
So we turn a naysayer to a positive believer
Rise above

They try to break you down
Don’t let them get ya
Rise against the system
See the bigger picture
Sound the siren
Know that I am with ya
We’re all in this together
It’s alright

Turn on your record player and run
Into a world of beautiful collaboration
Meditate on the melody, lyric, and the one drop
Don’t stop until the revelations come
And now it’s time to get clever
They try to yell quit but we reply never
They opened up the trap door
Pulled down the lever
But we made a quick escape and now we make it last forever

Switch up the melody, sound up the siren
They say eventually we’re burnin’ ash in the fire
They break us down but the music make us high
There’s a lesson in the message, when revealed it gets quiet.
Yeah there’s something in the air tonight,
Catch a vibe when the feelings right
Kill the silence, ring the alarm
Sound the siren

     M     The Movement Lyrics

Album "Ways Of The World" (2019)

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