Third Eye Blind - The Dying Blood Lyrics

Talk about sex
It sounds like violence, it sounds like harm
Rugged to a fault with the combat charm
You could never hear me though
A dying blood

How I feel and say, feel and say typically
Here I am moved by the people who reject me
But I can’t be fucked to tell
Or give up the search to find it
A dying blood

(A dying blood)
I feel slick and clean like the city after rain
Like New York City, back to life again
Like that painting in Paris when we could do anything

Can you remind me
How to squeeze?
Get through to you
A bar with my beer
A dying blood

Can we get in a rush again
To tell the truth and find a moment in a photo booth?
Can you teach me how?
Can you remind me?

A dying blood

That’s burning and broken, sick in the sky
Turns to color of piss, I mean dead ash sky
Vaseline all mixed with a hellfire glow
A dying blood

Simple pleasures
Like fucking strangers
How to chitchat, I can’t remember
Can you tell me how to be friends without being exhausted?
(A dying blood)

He got you pregnant on the night you met
Full year pandemic and you don’t regret it
Well, I better get used to trusting some mistakes
The dying blood

A dying blood

No more
Going through days like a stand-in
No more
Craving escape, when you know that there’s nowhere to go
Been blowing up during that time
Beat it up till you don’t know

A dying blood

And hope fades
Until I can’t remember
And hope fades
(A dying blood)
Till I can’t remember
A dying blood

A dying blood
A dying blood
A dying blood

The Dying Blood Lyrics

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