Third Eye Blind - To The Sea Lyrics

To the sea
It’s granting new hope
Singing it out, knows my thoughts aloud

Watching you with the waiter
Forgetting she is a human
Left out, left out of what you’re doing
Subjugate to the master
The less said to you the better, whatever

If you think where I belong
Is where you put me
Not your servant or savage
That’s not me

Well, we made this
We could cheat this

That I’ll want
That I’ll want you

I need you to remind me
That I have a soul
That I’m gonna grow

(I watched you come right out the ocean)
I watched you come out of the ocean
Magnificent, frozen
Eyes gleaming from the waves you took

Formal surrender, opposition
Can’t wait for the courage
To never call you back
It’s just a demon road
But we have to go

To the sea
That I’ll want
That I’ll want you

To The Sea Lyrics

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