Tindersticks - The Bough Bends Lyrics

The whole thing
Just a collection of fragments
Bustling, vying, each holding its own constituents
The overall
It’s a pragmatist view
Overall it’s going well
It’s going OK
Some good ideas badly executed
Best laid plans
These irritating wounds we need to attend to
Again and again
The ecstasy of erasure
Blank and clean
For a moment
A chance to see what we could have been
To see what we could have been
Our reflections turn away
And I want you so much my clothes hurt me
She smiled this morning
A big fantastic smile
And I was desperate for that happiness
She leaned and kissed me
And for a moment I didn’t care about the rest

The fruit is hanging
In November still (Ungiven)
Didn’t know the past then
Or how it would feel (Unyielding)
Block of resin
With a [?] (Impregnable)
A stash of [?] tips
At the longest view (Pregnant, missing)
Pages blackened
With a section torn (Avoided and unforgotten)
Pages blacken, yellow and brown (Unsaid, useless)
A drop of venom in the burgundy (Tissues, resist)
A nut of sadness in the stupid sea (The only way down)
It’s the only way down (It’s the only way down)
It’s the only way down (It’s the only crossing)
The bell bends
The foot still here (Unpeel and taste it)
I cannot offer my help (Trembling and empty)
I cannot offer my help
Distractions, distractions, distractions, distractions

When we are broken
No matter how hard we try
To arrange and fool ourselves
This unforgiveness
Like a disease
We work against its will
This space between too soon but too late
Did we miss it?
Has it arrived yet?
We aren’t sure
On a hometown morning
Calls unanswered
We arrived here naked and screaming
Only needed to be held
We only needed to be held (Sunlight)
This unforgiveness (Yellow light)
This self-destruction, self-reconstruction, sexy and alluring (See light, light on my body)
The clawing and the crumbling, the reconstruction
The love and loathing
Of this unforgiveness (See the light [?])

The Bough Bends Lyrics

Distractions (2021)

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