Tribulation - The Wildnerness Lyrics

On the first night I called to the Devī
The power at the base of the tree
On its roots a dragon was gnawing
Longing for a chance to be free

From the earth She was sprung, the support of this world
To whom we’re all but the image of a child
The destroyer of the safety at the threshold of the path
The road that will lead us into the wild

On the second night I bathed in the waters
Soaking up the dripping juices of the moon
I found the stream of blood and I pleaded
Please, grant me my wished for boons

On the third night as I sat by my fire
While inviting all the denizens to my side
A city of jewels appeared before my eyes
And I prostrated before the deathly bride

Leaving the shelter for the great wilderness
From birth to birth you have walked by my side
Leaving the shelter for the great wilderness
The place where the worlds open wide

On the fourth night as the wind rushed through the trees, I was ready for you to dispel my fears
You rode up to me, with a noose in your hand
To the unstruck music of the spheres

On the fifth night I heard it, as pure as white snow
The seed that is clothed in space
At the seat of the lover and the beloved
I humbly received their grace

They call Her the one with the earrings
Ascending from terrestrial planes
Now standing straight, a mirror was made
Now fit for the great wild plains

The Wildnerness Lyrics

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