Trippie Redd - The Jungle Book Lyrics
feat. Lil Wop

(This beat from Murda)

We the Taliban, blowin’ shit up like Sadam
Bitch, I keep that chopper on me, I’m heavily armed
From Chiraq, we got guns like Iraq
We gon’ take your shit and when you come we make you buy it back
I done put Chanel on my lil bitch, I spent like five racks
I just told her go pick up the pack she gon’ fly back
Big stick with a big clip, make you back back
In the coupe with the stick shift, we be ridin’ fast

Yeah, we gon’ pull up with some big guns
Yeah, bitch, I’m Big 14, I keep some big drums
Yeah, I like countin’ green, I got some green thumbs
Think I got pneumonia in my fists, I see the symptoms

Uh, Big 14 know what the fuck goin’ on, lil bitch
Gang, gang, uh
Shoot ya, take your chain, chain

We brought all that extra
We brought all that extra
We brought all that extra, nigga
We brought all that extra
We brought all that extra
We brought all that extra

Smokin’ till my lungs hurt, uh
I count all this guap until my thumbs hurt, yeah
Bitch, I’m Big 14, that’s on my brother, yeah
I can see your face right on this plain shirt, yeah
I want all the love but all this love hurt, yeah
All these pussy niggas, man, they butt-hurt, yeah
I can read your mind, you niggas cluttered
I been eatin’ good pussy, nigga, on my suburb, yeah
Yeah, bitch, I’m the shit
I’m a walkin’ lick but you niggas ain’t takin’ shit
I’ma pull up with that chopper myself, do a hit
Drill time, yeah, nigga, kill time, yeah
I might kill slime, yeah, on a kill grind, yeah
On a kill streak
Man, these pussy-ass niggas, man, they kill me
I been drippin’ sauce, lil bitch, hella filthy
Got a mink coat ’cause the world’s gettin’ chilly

Uh yeah uh
When it’s kill time, drill time, we kill slime
On a big grind and we big time, big time, big time
Yeah, we big time
Yeah, we big time
Pull up with that stick, you get killed, slime
Pull up with that stick, you get
You get drilled
You get drilled for real
Yeah, you get killed for real
You get killed for real
You get spilled for real

The Jungle Book Lyrics
Album "A Love Letter To You 4" (2019)

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