Uamee - LADA Lyrics

You know bratan. I think it is time
Bring out the iron cheburek
АвтоВАЗ — это класс!
Uamee, Professional Gopnik, Boris — Let’s go!


Strong steel box, on 4 wheel
In rajon I’m making deal
Fast steel box, on 4 wheel
Knock the spies back on heel

(back on heel)

Run on vodka, never slow
Russian motor never blow
Seeking out the western spy
I not quit but still they try

(I not quit but still they try)

Western spy have much to fear
When I switch in 2nd gear
Silent night, no one around
My tire tracks is all they found

(tire tracks is all they found)
(all they found)

Dump the bodies, drive away
Militsiya is on its way
My Lada now is in gear 5
Lets go pizdec, long way to drive


Авто АвтоВАЗ



Моя машина — это класс!

On the highway still gear 5
Thanking god, I’m still alive
Militsiya is cracking down
Two hours pass, they are in town

Now three days, still no rest
Where I’m going? East or west?
I have lost orientation
This a house or police station?

(police station)

In eastern bloc it always rain
Drive my Lada down the drain
Coming close you feel the pain
I hit you like a subway train

Slavic life, now flying high
Get the ladies every time
Slavic life, now all is real
Lada closing every deal

Stomp the spies further west
Heel or toe, this is your test
Ushankas on, Makarovs out
In the street you hear my shout

(hear my shout)

LADA Lyrics

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