Unleash the Archers - Afterlife Lyrics

Facing the glory open before me, millions of lightyears to roam
For once in my life the journey is mine and I don’t know which way to go
Breaking the curse has given me purpose, charging into the unknown
Choosing to right the wrongs far behind and forging a path of my own

But with such power, think how you could rule
Hold to your promise to watch over those in despair
Why would you choose to serve when you could be master of all
Be true to your honour and fight for a world that is fair

Out of shadow, out of darkness, welcome to the light
As the day shines boldly over night
Follow me to finally be who you are inside
Open wide, embrace the afterlife

Don’t waste your chance to seek revenge at last
I won’t waste my freedom, vengeance will not make me whole
Fight back you fool, make them pay for transgressions past
Fear not your anger, use it to rise up and free your soul

Afterlife Lyrics

Abyss (2020)

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