Unleash the Archers - Carry The Flame Lyrics

All the time we had is wasted and gone, and all I ask is one moment more
Hold fast onto that flickering flame, or tell me what has all this been for

But I need you to remember, the power was in you all along

You must remain despite all the pain and bring hope to those who have none
Promise me you will be the one

My guiding light
Fire in the night
I am with you, wherever you are
Your guiding light, shining bright

At last this aching comes to an end, and finally I can set you free
You will be the one to carry the flame, tell me that you’ll do this for me

But how can I remember, when the power came from you all along

And I can’t deny that your strength is mine and without you all would be lost
I can’t bear to ever go on


Carry The Flame Lyrics

Abyss (2020)

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