Watain - Black Cunt Lyrics

Abominations stir within the all-mind
An intrusion in the womb of grace
But fear not the dark, my child
So the serpent says

Ageless, with corruption’s grin
The tempter’s come to bless its kin
The very source of all your sins
Slithering hither, withershins

For you have seen it in your dreams
And sensed its presence
Your sons and daughters, on their knees
The black goat upon its hind legs, standing tall
Then you shall know it in your heart
That burning yearning
The will to kindle hellfire
To pace the winding path

By way of the primordial sea
Through the wilderness of darkness
From the well of blasphemy
We drink with lust and greed

Let the light of the night set the tone
A sound like rolling rock on stone
A spirit cloaked, flesh and bone
Making its way into the world
On its own

Ooh, but not alone

Irrevocable, that which awakes
Here, where the barrier breaks
A reversion of power that gives and takes
Riches to the witches, and priests
To the stakes

Crawl forth
From the black cunt of the one
A soul reborn in the realms beyond
Have you seen the lusting souls that dance forever there?
At the gates of equinox
To the pipe of the necromancer

Where the spheres of hell and Earth align
And the flames of the altar rise
Wake now from quiescence
Thou, who lies dead but dreaming
When the stars are ripe
Nightmares shall flesh and ascend
On the shores when the time draws nigh
In the blood of the host that deals death
Into the eyes of the stalkers of night
From the deeps, at will, we shall rise

By way of the primordial sea
Through the labias of darkness
From the cunt of blasphemy
We drink with lust and greed
Rise, ye of the tempter’s breed
Who yearn for the forbidden
In the fires of Satan’s victory
The spirit of defiance shall prevail
And be set free

Black Cunt Lyrics

The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain (2022)
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