Watain - Funeral Winter Lyrics

Eager blows thy wind
From beyond the great vast forest
Reverend leveler
Thy season is now at hand
After all, we never stood a chance

Thus falls the snow
On crosses built in haste
For a past never again to return

A pallid host tread forth across the skies
Yet, fearless like wolves we shall stand
For we have seen it in the distance, now, for long
So stern
Limned in the likeness of a god
The winter of the ages
In the yonder ever restlessly astir

The crossroads lie far behind us now
Oh, to enter there anew
Knowing what we know now

Though deep, into the wild we’ve gone
Deeper yet, we’re sure to go
That much I know, that much I know

We go where all must go at last
To a nameless grave beneath nameless ruin
An ageless curse from an unknown past
The winter of the great undoing
Funeral winter
Firm be thy choke hold at summer’s neck
As hearts turn to splinters
And the worms rejoice
For theirs is the kingdom and theirs is the feast
Beneath thy pale splendour entombed
Come funeral winter
Come funeral doom

Funeral Winter Lyrics

The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain (2022)
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