Watain - Septentrion Lyrics

So, have they come to shine upon the North again
And to illuminate the temple of our heart?
The seas we sail
The maze we walk
The night in which we’ve come to know their splendor

Deep is their mystery
Stern is their light
Guardians of our innermost secrets
Septentrion, septentrion
Watcher and wane of the night

And there were things that came to pass
That ever shall remain within their shrine of silence
Even when we lay pale
And our voices have become but whispers
From beyond the thinning veil

Emerging from out of the shadows
I saw
And I beheld, in awe and fright
A blood-drenched animal trembling in the dark
Its seven eyes agleam with Lucifer’s light

What if we lived our life to the fullest extent?
Free unto ourselves
Unbound by law
What if we were to walk
Like pilgrims on a sacred path?
What if we truly believed

That life is our sacrifice
Death, the reward
A humble yet dignified offering
At the cloven hoof of our lord

Until the night wind blows free through our skulls

Ride free
Fare far
Drink deep
Die hard
As long as this fire burns wild in my heart
I shall fight for our freedom, my friend
And strive to arrive with my fist held high
At the starlit gates of
The end

Septentrion Lyrics

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