Watain - Serimosa Lyrics

Great and terrible
Such were the rumours of the storm approaching
From beyond, the regions of serimosa, serimosa
A scent from far
Yes I can feel you are drawing near
Approaching my senses, serimosa
From worlds forgotten conjured forth
To maim and possess me

They say it will arrive before the end
And that our hearts shall yearn
That it will come with night
That ancient neverlight
To wash the world
Serimosa, serimosa
Violet and deep
Bringer of evernight
As you dance the world trembles

They say it made its way through the nothingness
Into this valley of despair
Fearless through the aeons it has come to brand
The seal of expiration
Upon the flesh of man

Bringer of both serum and disease, go forth
Imprisoned by illusion we shall be no more

And thus again the fields were sown
And scattered seeds replanted
And so the devil is reborn
Again and again and again
To fuck the world
Serimosa, serimosa
Feverous one
Til flames reaches heaven high
To shine on the worlds ending
To dance at the worlds ending
To shine upon the world’s end

Serimosa Lyrics

The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain (2022)
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