Westside Gunn - Spoonz Lyrics
feat. Conway The Machine

Conductor, we have a pr-
Now I have news about my CD player

All praises, Allah saved us (Hah)
Used to send the lil’ homie to the store to get us more razors (Get two sandwich bags)
Now I see my name written in Forbes pages (Uh-huh)
Don’t think ’cause the boy famous, I ain’t more dangerous (Woo)
More flagrant (Ah), tap danced on the work, Sammy Davis
My nigga had twenty, walk the shit down
Only thing he had was Allah and patience
Gallery Department, leave his own paint on the laces (Yeah)
Might push the Corniche, velour seats (Uh-huh)
Got it out the mud, still in the field, Dior cleats
Pop gon’ hide the body, they won’t find you for four weeks (Boom boom boom)
Listen to they album, that shit all weak, we pour Cliq’ (Hah)
Ayo, Wrestlemania ten years straight, floor seats
Porsche, Jeeps (Skrrt), MACs hangin’ out, his brains blew four feet
I dry real niggas tears ’cause I seen that
The rest of Sly life he gotta use CorrLinks (Ah)
Uh, I know these pussy niggas mad I made it
Lost two hundred racks, I took the PJ back to Vegas (Hahahaha)
Million dollar deals, I been becomin’ more acclimated (Uh-huh)
Her pussy good, ain’t had no smell, I had to ate it (Come here, bitch)
I had a brick, he needed nine, I had to break it (Conductor)
Two-tone bags, back to back, Ksubis faded
The ones truly [?], shoot up your house, hit you with [?] (Brr, brr, brr)
He sniffed a line and got rejuvenated
Uh, Machine, bitch, I spit on one of your kids (Hah)
My dog locked, I wish I could split up one of his bids (Free the homie)
You take ten, I take ten, it is what it is (I’ll do ten)
We gon’ come come home together and do it big (We comin’ home)
Ayo, bullets felt like bear hugs, two in his ribs (Boom boom boom boom boom boom, ah)
Feds raided, didn’t find shit, two in the fridge (Ah)
Shot your block up, the whole street know what I did (Brr, brr, brr, brr, brr)
Momma Love came out screamin’ out, «My baby» (Not my baby)

Spoonz Lyrics

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