Wilco - Tonight's The Day Lyrics

Between good and bad
And what is true
Between happy
And sad
I choose you

Patty whispered
Across the table
«I think we’re being watched»
«You said we were invisible»
«Tell the waiter»
«The sun’s in my soup»
«And sooner or later»
«My face will be, too»

It’s up to you
Tonight’s the day

Between happy
And sad
And true
Between good and bad
There’s always you

«Who’s running the trains»
«Over the gardens?»
Inside the window panes
The last stand of sugarcane

It’s up to me
Tonight’s the day

We all beg for forgiveness
At the end
Of the day
Between hard and easy
Surrender and escape
I heard you say
There is no way
It’s the only way

Tonight's The Day Lyrics

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