Wretch 32 - All White / Interlude Lyrics
feat. Nafe Smallz, K-Trap

Say you’re rare, are you really?
White shirt Dsquared
Say you’re rare, Mike Amiri
Over here, where?
Dressed in all white, all white
Who don’t want to see me shine better close their eyes, all night
Breitlings looking all bright and it’s just that time
Still I don’t want to tick no nine if you’re not my guy
Reh tehs everywhere yeah

They gon’ say that I’m boring (Yeah)
I’m at home if not touring
On stage in my Jordans, balling
Free-throwing’s my calling
Now the whip’s transforming
Bumblebee when I swarm in
I spent ten tens on my next Benz
And I rev rev, it’s just boredom
It’s not right
It’s life

Still I’m gonna pull up at the lights on my J’s
Probably be alone when I’m standing by the gates
Using gang signs for prayer, must be blinded by your grace
Gotta shoot back when your fighting for your place
I’ll address a nigga any given Saturday
Got a shooter in a Uber, he ain’t running out Waze
Wanna turn up and these niggas wanna play
Like it’s online
At war, gangsta inna real life
I beat corn, I eat rice
I nyam food and sleep nice
I mean cool
Running down niggas, still I take shit in my stride
In my stride, in my Nike Airs

Oi, ease back, man, trust me, ease back
(Handle your liquor, big man)
Ease back, who you telling handle my liquor?
(Handle your liquor, big man) Just back, man
Who you think you’re chatting to?
Who you think you’re chatting to? (Shut your mouth)
Oi, come here ’bout shut my mouth
Are you dumb? (Let go of me, bruv) Shut up ’bout let go
Shut the-
Oi, move that camera as well (Let go of me, fam)
You dumb? Are you filming?
Don’t make me- Quiet , man!
(Come off me, dickhead, come off) Shut up up, man, what? Eediat!
What? What? (Come off me)

Mercedes with a dig’ dash (Digital)
Came a long way from a ridgeback (Yeah)
Pretty little thing, Fashion Nova fit
But the Air Force dirty, so I can’t dig dat
Funny how it’s meetings now, I’m a lidge man
But past 10 I send man, go wid that
G63 with a red gut, skid dat
Gotta go my girl’s crib, I can’t miss that
Head too dangerous, they gotta pay us
Wild and dangerous
Rap ’bout the yola, it got me famous
Twelve-inch sawn-off, we can do ranges
And trap just pulled up, three or four Ranges
Big mood, two fours, two ‘rex, as I whip two
I can tell you how fast them bricks move
Chased with a half a brick of the buj, gotta switch coupes
Now I’m in a shit mood

Light up, light up, light up, light up
Light up, light up, light up, light up

(Let’s go) Let me light one
Let me roll this up, build a kite one
If I said you mine, girl, you my one
Just hoping that I’m choosing the right one
Put it in cruise, bill a light one
I just hit cruise in a tight one
All of these jewels, got the ice on
And you can see the shine when the lights off
Zone shit, never no hoe shit
You be in the circus, clowns and jokers
I be with the surfers, wave controlling
What’s your purpose? What’s your purpose?
I’m tryna get right
They don’t wanna be important
I can hear the streets still calling (Woke up)
I can hear the pin drops falling
Ghetto, but I’m up like Jordan, ooh, ooh
You know I was broke, had to eat, I’m lawless
Steppin on ice like heated flooring
Too much love for the money keep falling, ooh, hmm
Still I’m with the street niggas looking for freedom
Fake love smell different and I don’t need it
Snakes in the grass and they out all season, ooh
Come on, come on, let’s go
Put the roley on your arm, let’s go
Put the world up in your palm, let’s go
Put the love back in your heart, mm hmm
Catch this vibe, mm
I can see it in your eyes, mm
You want this for a whole lifetime

All White / Interlude Lyrics

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