[Ski Mask The Slump God:]
A nigga can’t tuck no jewelry
Ice cream on me, Mcflurry
Get away, hit a swish like Curry
Grab a shovel cause my dick she ’bout to bury
But I can’t fuck with the pussy if it is furry
She said my diamonds be smiling, they hit a curtsy
I got that Kid Cudi poker face in a hurry
I make that bitch ride me dirty just like a ferry
I just called my xan man, say he already off a deuce
Dirty daughters with me, slide like Panamera Coupe
Gucci fucking loafers when I’m walking with your boo
Reeses pieces, Jesus pieces, riding with my tool

Runnin’ with my extension
Please get the fuck out my mentions
What’s up with all of these questions?
You not the one that I’m sexing
Fall down, you bitches is magnets
The way that these bitches be backing
Your chin like a pistol, I’m laughin’
Your chin like a pistol, aye

I pull up, shoot (Pussy boy)
Pull up, wet (Pussy boy)
Pull up, run (Pussy boy)
Pull up, gun (Pussy boy)
Pull up, stunt (Yeah)
Pull up, deep (Yeah)
Pull up, run (Yeah)
I pull up, shoot (Yeah)
Pull up, wet (Yeah)
Pull up, run (Yeah)
Pull up, gun (Yeah)
Pull up, stunt (Yeah)
Pull up, deep (Yeah)
Pull up, run (Yeah)
Yeah! (Get it!)

     X     XXXTENTACION Lyrics

Album "Members Only, Vol. 2" (2015)

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