"LICK! (Snippet)"

Bitch I’mma live off these licks
Bitch I’mma live off these licks
Bitch I’mma live off these licks

Watch me swing my blade
Watch me throw this dick, your face
Hold up
Black shield on my waist
Bitch your blood, I wanna taste
Get it
Pull up to your mama crib
I shout outside like what’s up bitch
You ’bout it like you talkin’ bitch
I swing at you like fuck that shit
My blade got no name
She suck me, wanna taste, ay
My vool hit my line, he say he got that bitch on pay, ayy
I feel like Mayweather how I punch him in the face
X please drop the tape, ayy
Bitches give me face, fuck!
Nigga tec, pistol touch his neck
Watch his body drop
No tummy tuck, make your tummy tuck
Make your bladder bust
You done it now, bitch you done it now
Fix your fucking self
Might touch you bruh, you’ll get touched lil bruh
Fucker tighten up

     X     XXXTENTACION Lyrics

Album "Members Only, Vol. 2" (2015)

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