XXXTENTACION - Mia Wallace Lyrics

She like blowin’ up my phone
‘Cause she know a nigga saucin’
I said do she like to party?
She said she don’t do this often
Get her to the crib
Tryna’ get her panties fallin’
She been sniffin on that Coca-Cola
Call her Mia Wallace
Dodgin’ pussy niggas
Tryin’ to save her from her problem
All my niggas trappin’
Bought her [?]
Fall flat to the money ’cause you pussy niggas joggin’
She been suckin’ on my neck and on my dick
She like a zombie
She been off the dope, She been off the dope
She been squabbin’
She know how to throw dat pussy
So I call her Mary Poppins
Boy it’s down the throat
Yeah, she keep it sloppy with the toppy
Smokin’ antidope
Plus it in the whip, I’m hot-boxin’
With the centerfold
Got some booger sugar in her nose
What’s up with these hoes?
Actin’ like a bitch can’t get exposed
I’m just chillin’ tho
I been tryin’ to keep myself from going broke
Now she need a fix
Took a bit too much, now that bitch overdose

Mia Wallace Lyrics
Album "Members Only, Vol. 2" (2015)

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