Yes - Leave Well Alone Lyrics

Provocation of the mystics, revel in the shelter bare
Taste the virtue of nothingness, feel the motion from elsewhere
Gazing from the highest cliffs, don’t venture down to the abbys, the abbys

The way ahead is still no distance, just a part of our existence
Heal the pains of this disorder, devise your escape across the border
Loosen up and ease the flow, trust survivors incognito

I heard the king has lost his golden wing
— leave well alone
I heard the queen just couldn’t intervene
— leave well alone
I saw the words written in stone
— leave well alone
Not for nothing, but just leave well alone
— leave well alone
Stories? Stories are told to the prisoners who wait there and still remain
Ideas? Ideas of changing the history written just to entertain
Reasons? Reasons give us quite a rush for a while at the start then get lost
Knowing? Knowing that currents still move us around as the seasons dissolve

Leave Well Alone Lyrics

The Quest (2021)
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