Young Drummer Boy - Blood On Me Lyrics

Southern Trees
Bearing Strange Fruit
Blood On The Leaves
And Blood At The Roots

I’m Gonna Get This By Any Means
I Got Too Much People Depending On Me
Blood On My Hands
And Blood On The Floor
Won’t Let My Family
Just Wanting For More
Fuck All The People That Say They The Best
Full Of The Anger
And Full Of The Stress
I’m Ready For War
I Strike From The Chest
My Struggle Is Something I’ll Never Forget
I Think Its About Time That I Get That
Mary Ease My Mind When I Hit That
If You Ain’t Got Mine, I’ma Get That
4-5 Posted In The Front
Where My Hips At
Yeah, Blood On The Leaves
Blood On The House
There’s Blood On The Door
By This I Just Mean, I’ma Get It
While Leaving My Life On The Floor
I Had Been Through It All
I Ain’t Saying That My Struggle Is Deeper Than Yours
I’m Just Saying That I’m Fed Up
And I Just Feel Like I’m Wanting It More
All The Pain That I Went Through
Growing Up As A Kid
It Filled Me With Rage
And That There Is Something I’ll Never Forget

I’ll Never Forget
That There Is Something I’ll Never Forget
I’ll Never Forget
That There Is Something I’ll Never Forget

This Whole World Is Full Of Snakes
Backstabbing Muthafuken Fakes
I Never Spoke About It
But I Been About It
And Its Time The Whole World Could Learn About It
See I Been Through The Street Life
Sleeping In A House With No Lights
There’s No Love In The Ghetto
So I Gotta Take Whats Mine With The Metal
I Ain’t Saying That I’m Hard
I’m Saying That I Really Gotta Stay On Guard
I Was Dealt These Cards
Believe It That I Mean It
When I Spit These Bars
My Main Motivation Is Family
I’ll Admit That I’m Not Where I Plan To Be
I’m About A Whole Yard From Insanity
And There’s No Time Left For A Plan B
Naw, I Got Blood On My Hands
The Feel Of Me Failing Is Worse
I’m Smoking My Weed
Envisions Of Me Being Dead In A Hearse
I Remember The Pain
When I Was A Kid
And Believe Me The Struggle Was Something
That I Couldn’t Ever Forget

Blood On Me Lyrics

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