Young Drummer Boy - Dope Like This Lyrics

Aye Yuh, Smoke Everywhere
When I’m With My Homies
We Smoke Anywhere
Sittin’ On Clouds
Blowin’ On Clouds
Everything That I Be Smokin’ Is Loud
Fuck My Enemies
Please Excuse Me For My Tendencies
It’s Not My Fault
That I’m From The Streets
And All I Know Is That Murder Beef
I Be Smokin’ Presidential
Like Kennedy
I Be Rollin’ With My Homies
We A Hundred Deep
And A Hundred Fine Women
Wanna Chill With Me
All These Haters
Wanna See Me Lying In The Streets
But That Will Not Happen
I Roll With Them Shooters
And They All Assassins
You Think We’re Not Rappin’
That I Just Be Talkin’
But This Is My Passion
Yeah I’m High Right Now
I Don’t Wanna Waste A Line
On Your Lies Right Now
Smoke Kill Right Now
Muthafucka Really Gotta Pay The Bills Right Now
I’m A Chill Right Now
You Don’t Really Wanna Get Real Right Now
That’s How I Feel Right Now
That’s How I Feel Right Now

You Ain’t Never Heard Dope Like This
You Ain’t Never Gon’ Hit My Spliff
You Ain’t Never Gon’ Fuck My Bitch
You Ain’t Never Heard Dope Like This
I Been Way Too High Boy
And This Is How I’m Gettin It (Gettin’ It)
And This Is How I’m Gettin It (Gettin’ It)
And This Is How I’m Gettin It (Gettin’ It)

Let Me Start Off On Some Smoke Shit
All The Weed That I’m Smokin’ Is Potent
See The Weed That I Smoke Is Imported
I Ain’t Tryna Get High Off No Broke Shit
Aye, And That’s Really Dope
I Fuck With My Partner’s In Mexico
They Really Be Making That Money Bro
The Way They Be Livin’ Is Cutthroat
I’ll Go 4-5 With It
I Ain’t Lyin’ When I’m Sayin’
That They Ride Wid It
See Me I Just Chill & Get High Wid It
If The Sucka Want Beef Then He Gon’ Get It
Yeah, I Chill With My Bitch
I’m Loving The Way She Be Doin’ My Shit
I’m Lookin’ Clean
She Lookin’ Clean
I’m Loving The Way She Be Reppin’ My Team
Rolling With The AK On A Black Tee
If You Ever Had Beef
You Could Find Me
I Be Chilling With My Homies
In The Back Streets
Keep It Real Yall Really Don’t Want No Beef
Hey I Might Be High
But The Homie I’m With
He Stay With The Llama
We Stay Makin’ Dope, Boy
I Don’t Think That You Ever Want Drama

Dope Like This Lyrics

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