Young Drummer Boy - Kock N Spray Lyrics

I Got My Car Parked In That Driveway
Haters All Lookin’ My Way
I Ain’t Got Much But I Know Its Enough
Try To Run Up & I’m Poppin’ The Trunk
That’s How It Is
When You Growing Up In That Southside
You Run Up On Me You Gon’ Meet My New Fo-Five
I’m Smokin’ Dro (I’m Smokin’ Dro)
I’m High Ass Fuck (I’m High Ass Fuck)
I’m Reppin’ That AK That 4-7
You Outta Luck
I Got New Girl
All She Like To Do Is Smoke
She Like To Hang Out With Me
When I’m Chilling With My Bros
We Blow Alot Of Smoke
Man I’m Talkin’ Pounds Of Dro
I Ain’t Sellin’
But My Bros Could Tell You Why They Hatin» For
I’m Livin’ My Way
Goin’ 95 On That Highway
Man I’m Feeling Too High Right Now
Sittin’ All In My Driveway

They Said I Smoke My Life Away
Cause I’m Smokin’ Everyday
Ain’t No Time For That Bullshit
My Homeboys They Kock N Spray
They Kock N Spray
They Kock N Spray
They Kock N Spray
They Kock N Spray

Okay I’m Smokin’ All On That Suicide
Run Up On Me You Gon’ Die
Yeah I Got Some More Haters On Me
Chillin’ Watch Em All Multiply
Extended Clips, My Blunt’s Pre-Rolled
Thats The Way I’m Livin’
When I’m Chillin’ With My Bro
I’m High Ass Fuck
The Sweety Got Me Paranoid
Its Loud Up In My Blunts
I’m Talkin’ Hella Noise (It’s Hella Noise)
My Windows Down, I’m Focused Now
I’m Just Trying To Live My Life
They Trying To Hold Me Down
I Love My Ol’ Girl
Cuz She Always Hold Me Down
She Was Always With Me
When Nobody Was Around
So Its My Way, Goin’ 95 On That Highway
Man I’m All Up In The Hood Right Now
Doin’ Thangs The Right Way

Kock N Spray Lyrics

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