Young Drummer Boy - Smoke Session Lyrics

Lets Get It

My Ride Is Full Of That Smoke
Just Hanging Out With My Bro
We Smokin’ Loud
Clip Hanging Out
Cuz Boy Thats All That We Know
Hey, Posted Up On A Back Lot
Getting Money & It Don’t Stop
If You Try To Come Around
Actin’ Like We Ain’t Down
Then It’s Gon’ Pop
You Ain’t Gotta Give Me No Props
Its 4-7 And Its Fo Life
See I’m Chillin’ In My Pad
My Bitch Look Bad
And Its No Lie
There’s No Question
This .45 Is For My Protection
I Grew Up As An Adolescent
Now Merking Beats Is Now My Profession
This My Confession
I’m Preachin’
Having This Smokin’ Session
Why You Hatin On Me For?
You Muthafuckers Like Shaq
With The Free Throw
Yall Missing Me Homie
I’m Just Tryin’ To Rewrite History Homie
And I Ain’t Tellin’ No Lies
And I’m Doin’ This Fo Life

Smokin’ On Loud
Bass Down In The Trunk
Smokin’ On Loud
Bass Down In The Trunk
See We Smokin’ On Loud
Bass Down In The Trunk
Smokin’ On Loud
Smokin’, Smokin’ On Loud

I Be High Ass Fuck
Smokin’ Everyday
Ride Around With That AK
Yeah I’m Reckless Homie
I Got One Watch On
No Necklace Homie
Why You Hatin’ On Me?
I Got A Hundred Good Homies
Just Waitin’ On Me
I’m Tryna Get A Good Meal
Put The Lil Homies All On Foreal
And I Ain’t Tellin’ No Lies
Hit A Hater With The Fo-Five
Bad Bitch & She Ain’t Mine
You Can Have Her For The Mean Time
But That’s Irrelevant
I’m Posted With My New Regiment
We Focused On That Paper Homie
Searching For The New Settlement
This Is My Testament
I’m Blowing Clouds With The Veterans
I Been To Places You Never Been
I Bet You Wish You Could Smoke Like This
You Ain’t Dope Like This
I Ain’t Got No Time, For No Fucken Diss
I’m A Just Chill & Roll My Spliff
I’m A Roll My Spliff

Smoke Session Lyrics

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