Young Drummer Boy - Spokes And Snapbacks Lyrics

Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up?
Chillin’ On The Ave Rollin’ Fat Blunts
My Moms Said I Smoke Way Too Much
But To Me I Can Never Smoke Quite Enough
My Young Homies Stay With Them Uzi’s
Never Fuck With Them Floozies
Cause They Got No Time To Lose See
I Used To Roll Around In A Hooptie
But Now N Days I Spend A Night With Some Groupies
Cause The Shit Had To Change Though
Now I’m Trying To Put My Homies On The Payroll
Never Switch On My Family Like Fredo
I Sit & Think About My Life
While I Chain Smoke
See I’m Calm & Collective
If You Ever Disrespect It
I’m A Grab You By Your Necklace
I’m Trying To Put Them Phonies On My Check List
My Main Goal Is To Find Out Where My Check Is
I’m Troublesome

Well If Its On, Then Its On
Smoke Heavy Blunts
Trying To Get Up In My Zone
1 For The Money, 2 For The Hoes
Get Drug Money
Fuck Bitches, Get Dough
East Coast, West Coast
Fuck Bitches, Get Dough
East Coast, West Coast
Fuck Bitches, Get Dough

Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up?
Looking At The Time Like There Ain’t Enough
My Hoods Real Like The Streets Up In Iraq
The Only Difference Is The Spokes & The Snapbacks
I’m Hoping God Will Look Over Me
I’m Smokin’ Weed Lookin’ For The Highest Potency
If I Die Would Anybody Remember Me?
I Hope So, Cause I’m Smokin’ On The Killa Weed
I Said I’m Smokin’ On The Killa Weed
I’m Living In The Same Place Where The Killas Be
At Times I Feel I Had The Same Tendencies
While I’m Sippin’ On The Lean Like In Tennessee
Shout Out To All My Enemies
That Chill With Me & Drink Up All Of My Hennessy
Yeah I Know It Sounds Fucked Up
But Thats The Way A Young Homie Had To Grow Up
I’m Troublesome

The Way I’m Smokin’
Yeah You Know Its Hella Loud
When I Cruise Around
I Gotta Carry A 30 Round
I’m Tired Of These People Tryin’ To Hold Me Down
I’m Just Another Kid Tryin’ To Make It Out
I’m Just Tryin’ To Make My Momma Proud
See I Never Had Much When I Was A Child
I Ain’t Never Had No Father Figure Around
All I Ever Seen Was Drug Dealers Moving Pounds
Only Real G’s In My Section
Thank The Lord For All My Blessings
I Just Hope I’m Headed In The Right Direction
I’m A Straight Up Adolescent
I Just Hope That I Could Make Into Heaven

Troublesome.. Troublesome..

Spokes And Snapbacks Lyrics

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