H1GHR Music collected melodic Korean rap in the compilation Blue Tape

International hip hop label H1GHR Music released the second part of their South Korean hip hop compilation on September 16, 2020. As representatives of the label told InterMedia, the second album of the collection, called «Blue Tape», characterizes the melodic rap sound that is familiar to a wider hip-hop audience.

— Compositions from the album «Blue Tape» combines the masterful use of a variety of sound sources that are not limited to the usual hip-hop techniques, which creates a truly unique palette of sound and perception outside the templates accepted in the rap industry, — says the release description.

In particular, the track «Champagne Diet», recorded with the participation of rising R’n’b-celebrity Gemini, and» Last Song » from Audrey Nuna, a performer from new Jersey, the creators of the collection call an example of the fascinating chemistry that arose between H1GHR Music artists and guest musicians. Special attention, in their opinion, deserves the exceptional skill of the producers of H1GHR Music, which resulted in the tracks «End of the Night» by Woogie and «Swing My Way» by Cha Cha Malone, which clearly captures the fashionable international pop sound.

— The album «Blue Tape» is filled with a variety of rap techniques and creative experiments of the label’s musicians to inspire and recharge the listener, giving space for new ideas and fresh impressions,-say representatives of the label.

H1GHR Musi «Blue Tape» Lyrics

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