Listening to DMX’s songs has increased by almost a thousand percent since his death

In the United States, listening to songs by American rapper DMX increased by almost a thousand percent after his death. This is reported by Billboard.

For April 9 and 10, his tracks collected 75.7 million streams, an increase of 928 percent compared to the 7.36 million streams recorded on April 7 and 8. The late musician’s top five songs included «Ruff Ryders Anthem», «X Gon ‘ Give It To Ya», «Slippin, Party Up (In Here)» and «How It’s Goin’ Down».

DMX died at White Plains Hospital, where he was kept for several days, hooked up to life support machines. The cause of death of the performer was a severe drug overdose. A week before, it became known about the hospitalization of DMX. He lost consciousness at home due to an overdose of strong narcotic substances, which caused a heart attack.

DMX (Dark Man X) is a three-time Grammy Award nominee. The artist has also appeared in several films, including «Belly», «Exit Wounds», «Romeo Must Die» and «Never Die Alone».

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