Morcheeba members became werewolves (Video)

The music video for «The Moon» by Morcheeba released on March 28, 2021.

In the stylish black-and-white video, lead singer Skye Evards rides a bright moonlight night in the cab of a truck driven by guitarist and keyboardist Ross Godfrey. At the end of their journey, they get out of the car and gradually turn into wolves. The song was written by Irena Zhilich and the music video was directed by Martin J. Pickering. The premiere of the single Morcheeba timed to coincide with the first supermoon in 2021.

The song «The Moon», as well as the single «Sounds of Blue» released earlier this year, will be included in the band’s tenth studio album «Blackest Blue», which will be released on May 14. In August, the band will present new musical material at several summer festivals in the UK, and in 2022 they are planning a tour: in March they will go to France, and in April-to Australia.

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