Pharrell Williams and Jay Z sing about the difficulties of private enterprise

Jay Z and Pharrell Williams released a track «Entrepreneur». In an interview with Time magazine, Williams explained that the song was born out of an understanding of how difficult it is to be a private entrepreneur in the United States.

«This is especially noticeable from the perspective of a person with dark skin color: there are a lot of systematic problems and purposefully created obstacles. How can you light a fire, or even hope that it will ignite itself from the embers, when you are deliberately placed in an unfavorable environment in the field of medical services, education, and representation of your interests in General? » asks Farrell.

Fans of the artists liked the track, but many expressed confusion about why Williams performs most of the song in a whisper, «like he doesn’t want to Wake his parents» or «like he’s playing Xbox at three in the morning.»

Pharrell Williams — Entrepreneur (Official Video) ft. JAY-Z

Pharrell Williams — Entrepreneur ft. JAY-Z Lyrics

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