DIE ANTWOORD — DntTakeMe4aPoes feat. G-BOY (video)

Directed by: ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER

Cinematography by: Paul Gilpin
Edited by: Haezer

*Special Note:

The word ‘POES’ has multiple meanings in South African depending on how it is used. Directly translated it means ‘Vagina’ or ‘Cunt’. It can also mean ‘Fuck Nigga’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Back-stabber’, ‘Pussy’, ‘Asshole’. However if you say something is ‘Poes Cool’ it means something is fucking cool. ‘Poes Hot’ means it is very hot. If you ‘Poes someone in the face’ it means you punch them in the face. A popular way to use the word ‘Poes’ is to say ‘Jou Ma Se Poes’ which means ‘Your mother’s cunt.’ However saying ‘Jou Ma Se Poes’ to someone in South Africa is very likely to get you stabbed in your poes.

DIE ANTWOORD — DntTakeMe4aPoes feat. G-BOY Lyrics

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